What is One Community Partnership?

Judge John Bowman, a respected authority in criminal justice and the court system, holds degrees from the Florida Atlantic and St. Thomas University. Currently, John Bowman serves as a circuit court judge for the state of Florida in Ft. Lauderdale. He also has prior experience as a judicial representative for organizations such as the Broward County Bar Association and the One Community Partnership.

The One Community Partnership refers to a federally funded grant program in Broward County that seeks to enhance the coordination of mental health services throughout the region. The program, which is administered by the Broward County Department of Human Services, caters to youth entering adulthood.

Individuals served by the One Community Partnership are between the ages of 14 and 21 who face emotional and mental health challenges. In many cases, these individuals also experience occurring issues such as trauma and substance abuse. In addition to providing transition support as they enter adulthood, the partnership helps them recover and become more resilient.

National Adoption Day Activities and Events

National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day
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Judge John Bowman has accomplished many things during his time as a circuit judge for the State of Florida. Judge John Bowman was recognized in 2017 for his work on organizing the circuit’s National Adoption Day, which helped 60 children find homes.

National Adoption Day occurs each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, helping to bring thousands of children to their forever homes. In 2017, almost 5,000 children were adopted during the event and more than 400 cities participated. Over the course of the nearly two decades that it has existed, National Adoption Day has helped find homes for about 70,000 children. Many nonprofits, such as the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Children’s Action Network, help to support the program.

As part of National Adoption Day, organizations around the country host various activities that either help to finalize adoptions or encourage its use as a family-planning tool. Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s event includes food, games, a live DJ, and commemorative photos for families who have adopted a child. Whether expanding awareness or creating a fond memory for adoptive families, these efforts work to make adoption a more common and positive experience.

National Adoption Day Dispels a Common Adoption Myth


National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day
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Elected to the Florida 17th Judicial Circuit in 2002, Judge John Bowman has dramatically overhauled the court’s handling of adoption cases, making the process more efficient and timely so that children can be placed in homes more quickly and easily. Outside of the courtroom, Judge John Bowman advocates for adoption through his support of National Adoption Day.

A prevailing myth about adoption is that there are not enough families to care for the number of children in foster care throughout the United States. According to recent data reported by National Adoption Day, approximately 20 percent of Americans have thought about adopting a child.

Moreover, some 47 million families nationwide have given serious thought to foster care as the avenue of their adoption search, which dwarfs all other adoption avenues, such as infant adoption and international adoption.

Research also shows that individuals interested in adoption do not always know where to start. For this reason, efforts must be made to invest in awareness initiatives and other resources that help families navigate the adoption process, which will result in more children being placed in loving, stable, permanent homes.

A Look at National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day
Image: nationaladoptionday.org

The former owner of a civil litigation firm, John Bowman currently serves as a circuit court judge in the state of Florida. Outside of his professional work as a judge, John Bowman has been recognized as an advocate for adoption efforts and a supporter of National Adoption Day.

National Adoption Day strives to bring awareness to foster children throughout the United States who are looking for a permanent home. Currently, organizations that help organize the day include the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the Children’s Action Network, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and the Alliance for Children’s Rights.

Held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, National Adoption Day helps to bring policymakers, families, advocates, and other stakeholders together. Moreover, the event connects interested individuals to other adoption events across the country, provides access to adoption resources, and helps supporters find volunteer opportunities. During the most recent adoption day, more than 5,000 foster children were adopted and over 400 cities took part.

For additional information on National Adoption Day, visit www.nationaladoptionday.org.

The First-Ever National Teachers Law School

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National Teachers Law School
Image: abota.org

In addition to his duties as a circuit judge for Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit Court, Judge John Bowman shares his legal expertise with related professional organizations. Judge John Bowman has spoken to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), whose mission is to uphold the constitutional right to a trial by a civil jury.

In September 2016, ABOTA’s educational component, the ABOTA Foundation, sponsored the first-ever National Teachers Law School, an event intended to promote in-depth civics education. Held in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center, the two-day event gathered judges, lawyers, historians, and educators to discuss a variety of issues.

Topics included dealing with civic engagement after a tragedy, the jury trial as the final guardian of rights, and helping students make sense of the Constitution. Additionally, participants learned about legal issues that affect school-age children, such as social media in relation to the First Amendment.

Public officials stressed the necessity of knowing how the American governmental system worked. They noted that many students received little or no instruction in civics. One judge argued the nation has forgotten the importance of students’ learning their role as citizens possessing rights.