National Adoption Day

A circuit court judge with the State of Florida, Judge John Bowman presides over the civil trial court system of Fort Lauderdale. Active in efforts to improve the lives of children, Judge John Bowman supports National Adoption Day.

For nearly 15 years, National Adoption Day has assisted children who are in foster care throughout America. A one-day event, it raises awareness for the more than 100,000 youths looking for permanent homes with the assistance of lawmakers, policymakers, and other entities. Since its creation, the event has found forever families for over 44,000 children.

Taking place the Saturday before Thanksgiving, National Adoption Day started in 2000 when the National Adoption Day Coalition partnered with groups such as law firms, foster care agencies, and courts to finalize adoption paperwork in nine districts across America. In just over a decade, all 50 states – plus three U.S. territories – were holding National Adoption Day programs. Its 2013 installment will take place on November 23. For more information, visit


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