Services for Members of the American Inns of Court

A circuit judge in the State of Florida, Judge John Bowman serves on a number of community partnerships, advisory boards, and professional associations. In 2013, Judge John Bowman earned distinction as president-elect of the American Inns of Court for the 2013-2014 program year.

Dedicated to professional development and the advancement of standards in the legal profession, the American Inns of Court provides a variety of services to its members. Local programs are among the group’s flagship offerings. Each program invites members to come together and share their professional expertise, and the Inns publish submitted program reports as part of the Program Library.

The Inns of Court also sponsor scholarships to help members further their experience and skills. One such scholarship, the Temple Bar Program, allows an American attorney to experience the British Inns of Court and trial proceedings in the United Kingdom. Pegasus Trust Scholarships offer a similar experience in that they facilitate British-American exchange programs for lawyers who have practiced for five years or fewer. The American Inns have also established a visitation program with the London Inns of Court, so that more members can enjoy an introduction to the British legal system.


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