Moot Court Helps Students Develop Advocacy Skills

Since his election in 2002, Judge John Bowman has adjudicated in the Juvenile Dependency Division of Broward County and helped secure permanent homes for hundreds of children. Judge John Bowman prepared for his career by earning a JD from the St. Thomas University School of Law, where he earned a position on the Moot Court Team.

An important program in many law schools, moot court is a simulated court experience that allows law students to engage in oral arguments before a panel of judges in an appellate court setting. Moot court give students an opportunity to practice and develop written and oral advocacy skills, while also networking with local legal professionals. Many moot court programs involve national and international competitions, travel, and prizes.

In contrast to mock trial programs, moot court does not involve simulated witnesses, evidence exhibits, or a citizen jury. The oral arguments presented to judges in moot court are part of an appeal of a case that has already been decided by a district court. In moot court, students present legal arguments that support or refute the district court’s decision.


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