How Elected Officials Can Support National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day

For nearly 15 years, Judge John Bowman has served as a circuit judge in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, working with the Juvenile Dependency Division in Fort Lauderdale. Dedicated to helping children in foster care find permanent homes, Judge John Bowman supports programs like National Adoption Day, an awareness campaign focused on the more than 100,000 children looking for permanent homes outside of the foster care system.

As a collective effort, National Adoption Day receives support from nonprofit organizations, individuals, and businesses. The campaign literature also notes that there are a number of ways for elected officials to contribute to adoption awareness. For example, the campaign encourages elected officials to cosponsor a resolution or issue a public proclamation recognizing National Adoption Day.

Elected officials can easily reach the public with messages about adoption through Facebook and other social media outlets. To reach an even wider audience, elected officials can conduct interviews or submit op-ed pieces to local news outlets highlighting the need for adoption.

For National Adoption Day in November, elected officials can also organize or support local adoption events in recognition of a day when the courts finalize adoptions around the country. Almost 50,000 adoptions have been completed on National Adoption Day since the campaign was launched in 2000.


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