Adopting Children in Foster Care – Debunking the Myths

National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day

Judge John Bowman has more than a decade of experience in the Juvenile Dependency Division of the Florida Circuit Court. Outside of the courtroom, he advocates for youth in foster care through National Adoption Day.

National Adoption Day serves to increase awareness of the more than 100,000 children waiting for permanent homes. Among the barriers to adoption are numerous myths, such as the myth that financial and other forms of support to the child end immediately after an adoption. The truth is that most children placed in permanent homes qualify for federal and state assistance and receive benefits such as monthly financial support, medical care, and social services.

Another myth that hinders adoption is that individuals who are gay or lesbian cannot adopt children. In most states they do have the right to adopt, and some states allow them to adopt jointly.

Finally, some people believe that children in foster care come with a lot of emotional “baggage.” Most children in foster care are just like other children and simply need a loving, permanent family so that they can thrive and fulfill their potential.