National Adoption Day Dispels a Common Adoption Myth


National Adoption Day pic

National Adoption Day

Elected to the Florida 17th Judicial Circuit in 2002, Judge John Bowman has dramatically overhauled the court’s handling of adoption cases, making the process more efficient and timely so that children can be placed in homes more quickly and easily. Outside of the courtroom, Judge John Bowman advocates for adoption through his support of National Adoption Day.

A prevailing myth about adoption is that there are not enough families to care for the number of children in foster care throughout the United States. According to recent data reported by National Adoption Day, approximately 20 percent of Americans have thought about adopting a child.

Moreover, some 47 million families nationwide have given serious thought to foster care as the avenue of their adoption search, which dwarfs all other adoption avenues, such as infant adoption and international adoption.

Research also shows that individuals interested in adoption do not always know where to start. For this reason, efforts must be made to invest in awareness initiatives and other resources that help families navigate the adoption process, which will result in more children being placed in loving, stable, permanent homes.