Debunking the Myths about Adoption Costs

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National Adoption Day


A graduate of St. Thomas University with a juris doctor, Judge John Bowman serves as a circuit judge in the state of Florida. Also an advocate for adoption, Judge John Bowman participates in National Adoption Day.

Since the inception of National Adoption Day in 2000, the event has helped more than 58,000 children find permanent families. However, there are still more than 100,000 children in foster care who are waiting for permanent homes. One of the barriers to placing these children in permanent homes is the myth that adopting a child from foster care is expensive.

Contrary to what many families believe, adopting a child from foster care is not costly. In fact, it has the potential to be free, since many adoption agencies do not charge families who choose to adopt a child in foster care. Further, many companies and government agencies now offer adoption assistance programs as part of employee benefits. Some companies even offer financial benefits as well as maternity or paternity leave for those who choose to adopt a child.

Lastly, adoptive parents now benefit from a tax credit for adoption-related expenses, including court fees as well as travel and legal expenses. In 2014, this tax credit allowed families to obtain up to $13,190 to offset expenses associated with adoption.


National Adoption Day in Florida

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Circuit Judge John Bowman serves the people of Broward County, Florida. A good deal of Judge John Bowman’s work deals with children and young people in the state. November 22, 2016, will mark his 14th year as chairman of the local National Adoption Day event, which he helped to create.

Each November, Broward County celebrates adoption and the wonderful parents who make it possible. On one special Saturday, dozens of families gather to make their adoptions official at the same time.

ChildNet, Florida’s dedicated service for children and families, has been holding the event for well over a decade. Although adoptions occur year-round, but the festive event draws a lot of attention and helps raise awareness for the kids who are still awaiting homes.

Today, there are 200 children awaiting loving homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties. If your family is considering adopting a new member, learn more about the process online at

How Elected Officials Can Support National Adoption Day

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National Adoption Day

For nearly 15 years, Judge John Bowman has served as a circuit judge in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, working with the Juvenile Dependency Division in Fort Lauderdale. Dedicated to helping children in foster care find permanent homes, Judge John Bowman supports programs like National Adoption Day, an awareness campaign focused on the more than 100,000 children looking for permanent homes outside of the foster care system.

As a collective effort, National Adoption Day receives support from nonprofit organizations, individuals, and businesses. The campaign literature also notes that there are a number of ways for elected officials to contribute to adoption awareness. For example, the campaign encourages elected officials to cosponsor a resolution or issue a public proclamation recognizing National Adoption Day.

Elected officials can easily reach the public with messages about adoption through Facebook and other social media outlets. To reach an even wider audience, elected officials can conduct interviews or submit op-ed pieces to local news outlets highlighting the need for adoption.

For National Adoption Day in November, elected officials can also organize or support local adoption events in recognition of a day when the courts finalize adoptions around the country. Almost 50,000 adoptions have been completed on National Adoption Day since the campaign was launched in 2000.

13 Years of National Adoption Day

Judge John Bowman, a lifelong resident of Florida, led the initiative to resolve juvenile lockout situations that forced children guilty of misdemeanor offenses to be held in custody for more than 21 days. As part of additional efforts to help the state’s youth, Judge John Bowman is involved with National Adoption Day.

In the United States, National Adoption Day is held on the Saturday preceding Thanksgiving every November. The purpose of the event, comprised of various activities throughout the year, is to raise awareness for the more than 100,000 children in foster care who need and deserve a family and home. National Adoption Day 2012 marked the event’s thirteenth anniversary and saw more than 4,500 children moved into permanents homes in 400 cities. To date, National Adoption Day has assisted nearly 44,500 children find homes. Throughout the year, the National Adoption Day organization continues to celebrate adoptions and adoptive families while enhancing communications between adoption agencies all over America.

National Adoption Day Helps Thousands of Children Each Year

Judge John Bowman is a civil court trial judge based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who has made lasting impacts in his jurisdiction. Since he was elected to the bench in 2002, Judge John Bowman has improved the efficiency of the judicial process and drastically increased the adoption rate in his district through vigorous oversight and participation in large-scale public programs, such as National Adoption Day.

Founded in 2000, National Adoption Day is an annual campaign that seeks to raise the public’s awareness of the tens of thousands of children awaiting adoption in the United States. Initially, National Adoption Day began as a coalition between law firms, foster care agencies, child advocates, and courts in nine jurisdictions nationwide. It has grown significantly each year to include events in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.

Taking place every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the annual event helps place thousands of children in permanent homes each year. In 2012, more than 4,500 children found homes on National Adoption Day, adding to the nearly 45,000 who have been adopted with the help program since it was founded 13 years ago. This year, another 4,500 children are expected to be placed with permanent families during the event, which is planned for November 23, 2013.